National USPAP Update 2020-2021

August 18th & 19th, 2021 | with Instructor Tim Andersen

Session 1: Wednesday, August 18th from 10AM – 1:30PM CDT
Session 2: Thursday, August 19th from 10AM – 1:30PM CDT



We’re making USPAP easier than ever…

Join us for a Live-Virtual offering of the National USPAP Update class with Tim Andersen (AQB ID: 44754).

This entire 7 hours of this class will take place in two sessions. Session one is on May 18th and session 2 is on May 19th–  10 am-1:30 pm Central.

  • Class starts promptly at 10:00am CDT
  • Orientation begins at 9:00am CDT. Please make time to join early if you need extra assistance.
  • You are required to join the virtual classroom no later than 9:30am CDT in order for us to take attendance, verify your identity and ensure you have the required textbooks.
  • Students will be responsible for bringing their own copy of USPAP (hardcopy or electronic) and Student Manual (hardcopy or electronic)
  • Computer Video and Audio are required in order to enroll in this course. Your computer must have a webcam or built-in video capabilities.
  • We recommend testing your computer video and audio prior to class day by opening a practice meeting on

Approved for 7 hours of CE credit in the following states:

*AZ – Accepts
AR – Approved
CA – Approved: 1910501019
CO – Approved
*CT – Accepts
GA – Approved: 71624
FL – Approved: 10130
HI – Approved: 20-243
*KY – Accepts
LA – Approved
MD – Approved
MI – Approved: 1700901
MS – Approved: MAB #50202
MO- Approved
NH – Approved
NJ – Approved: 2020-102
NC – Approved: 9020
NY – Approved: A5102-07
NV – Approved: CE.0009434-A
OH – Approved: Q04100101A 20
*OK – Accepts
OR – Approved: APEL-C-0120-0018
*PA – Accepts
SC – Approved: CE.1846
SD – Approved: SD 1397 CE
TN – Approved: 2373
TX – Approved: 37904
VA – Approved
WA – Approved: A20100545
*These states “Accept CE” which is approved in the state in which it is being taught.

Course Instructor

Tim Andersen

Tim Andersen is an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor, consultant, and reviewer.  He also does commercial real estate appraisal and Florida tax appeal work. He travels throughout the US teaching USPAP, and is an Approved Instructor for the Appraisal Institute. Have PowerPoint, Will Travel. Besides all facets of commercial real estate appraisal, other areas of expertise include writing, producing, and presenting webinars on all areas of real estate appraisal.

Specialties: Appraisal Institute member, designated as an MAI, Master of Science degree in Real Estate Appraisal , AQB Certified, USPAP Instructor, State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, Instructor with the Appraisal Institute, Experienced Public Speaker