USPAP Compliant Adjustment Series
Course #5 – Cost-Related Adjustments II

Tuesday, August 3rd: 10am-12pm Central

2 Hours Non-CE Training


In the fifth and final episode, our expert Instructors/Coaches, Tim Andersen and Scott Cullen, will continue with Part II of our session dedicated to Cost-Related Adjustments.

Appraisers use the sales grid to adjust for differences in contributory value.  Many grid categories relate to cost.  Learn why to think of contributory value as a percentage of cost.  Learn to extract marginal cost from published average cost data.  Apply the percentage of contributory value to marginal cost to develop depreciated cost adjustments.

Course Author

Scott Cullen

Scott Cullen is a boots-on-the-ground Certified Residential appraiser from Minneapolis / St Paul with over 20 years of experience.  He is a cofounder of Solomon, a suite of cloud-based calculators that help over 500 appraisers daily to quickly support their adjustments using the recognized technique of depreciated cost analysis.

His calculators come with licensed cost data built-in, making it easy and economical to support your sales grid adjustments.  Beyond grid adjustments, Solomon supports other assignment results such as effective age, remaining economic life and site value.

Course Instructor

Tim Andersen

Tim Andersen is an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor, consultant, and reviewer.  He also does commercial real estate appraisal and Florida tax appeal work. He travels throughout the US teaching USPAP, and is an Approved Instructor for the Appraisal Institute. Have PowerPoint, Will Travel. Besides all facets of commercial real estate appraisal, other areas of expertise include writing, producing, and presenting webinars on all areas of real estate appraisal.

Specialties: Appraisal Institute member, designated as an MAI, Master of Science degree in Real Estate Appraisal , AQB Certified, USPAP Instructor, State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, Instructor with the Appraisal Institute, Experienced Public Speaker