Appraising 2-4 Unit MF Properties & Sales Comparison Approach

CE Bundle – 2 Courses, 7 Hours of CE

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What’s Included

Sales Comparison Approach: A Course on Analysis & Reporting

Learn the professional application of this powerful reporting method

This 7-hour residential course focuses on multiple areas of the sales comparison approach, including understanding the subject property, the principles behind the sales comparison approach, as well as the physical, locational, and transactional differences that influence the selection, exclusion, and adjusting of comparable sales.



Appraising 2-4 Unit MF Properties

Learn to develop, reconcile and report the Cost, Sales and Income Approaches to value for 2-4 Unit Small Residential Income Properties

The mission of this course is to provide students with a complete understanding of the 2-4 Unit Small Residential Income Property Type. By the end of this course you will have a comprehensive understanding of the economic and appraisal principles that support the development, reconciliation and reporting of the Cost, Sales, and Income Approaches to Value for 2-4 Unit Small Residential Income Properties.