Critique – Anatomy of a Review

September 29th & 30th (2-day session)
Session 1: September 29th | 10am – 1:30pm CDT
Session 2: September 30th | 10am – 1:30pm CDT

TN Course Approval #2261
KY – Approved (no #)
UT Course Approval #AC101327



We’re making CE easier and more enjoyable than ever…

Join us for a Live-Virtual offering of our brand new 7-Hour CE class, Critique – Anatomy of a Review, with Instructor Hal Humphreys.

This 7-hour class will take place over two days (3.5 hours each day) via Zoom Meeting:

Session 1: September 29th, 10am – 1:30pm CDT (CENTRAL TIME)
Session 2: September 30th, 10am – 1:30pm CDT (CENTRAL TIME)

Critique – Anatomy of a Review | 7hr CE


This course is for active, boots on the ground real estate appraisers. It can help bring you into competency to start marketing and accepting review assignments. It will also help you understand, more fully, the process of appraisal review when dealing with reviewers who critique your work.

In this seven-hour course, we go into detail about what constitutes a review, who does review assignments, how to analyze a URAR form report for compliance and credibility, and how to do all of this whilst not being mean. This course will help appraisers better understand how to conduct review assignments and how to respond to their work being reviewed.

We believe that, as professionals, we should give deference when possible to the work of other professionals. To critique another’s work should not be a “gotcha/busted you” affair. The primary reason we engage in review assignments is to maintain public trust and offer a check in the process to ensure quality work. A review assignment is a chance to provide constructive feedback, not pick nits. Of course, when an appraiser has done sub-par work, that should be called out. But – by and large – most appraisers are out there trying to do professional work and maintain the integrity of our profession.

Course Instructor

Hal Humphreys

Thomas H. Humphreys is a career-long real estate appraiser. He grew up measuring houses with his father, an appraiser. In the course of the past 30 years, Mr. Humphreys has appraised property across the country. He is a hearing officer for the Davidson County Board of Equalization. He has been a contract investigator/reviewer for the State of Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. He also assists attorneys who represent citizens accused of crimes. Mr. Humphreys is partner in Appraiser eLearning and is the director of education for StoryboardEMP, llc, an education media company.